Stone Maintenance

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, trained stone technicians and excellent quality materials, New Century Marble & Granite will restore your stone’s surface to its original beauty.

Our stone care maintenance services include:

Picks up dirt, stains, and bacteria along with removing embedded waxed and polymers.

Eliminates minor scratches along with wear and tear caused by everyday foot traffic.

Gives the perfect sheen to marble or stone. It enhances the veining in marble and protects it from wear and tear and from spills.

Grout/Caulk Repair
Cleans and repairs grouts and caulking so that   dirt and harmful contaminants do not get lodged.

Protects and preserves all natural stone. Ask about our 15 year written performance warranty on Dry Treat.

Color Enhancing
Enhances the stone’s color and finish.

Dry Treat Sealing Products

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