Keeping your kitchen and bathroom current enhances the look of your home and increases its value. At New Century, we offer kitchen and bath design services, custom countertop fabrication and installation, tile installation, full selection of high quality kitchen and bath cabinets and fixtures, and full remodeling service for complete new home builds to remodeling projects, giving homeowners, and builders access to the highest quality in workmanship, products and materials to create beautiful, unique and functional homes.

How We Work

At New Century, we’re your single point of contact for all your remodeling needs to do a complete new home build or just a specific home project. No job is too small or difficult for us.

We’re your premiere remodeling resource and we’ll transform your home into a living masterpiece. Visit our state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot kitchen and bath showroom to get ideas and inspiration, or visit our How We Work page to find out more.


Contact our expert designers before you start your home remodeling project or visit our Planning page. Our designers will give you ideas and direction for a smart remodel by looking at the scope of your project, your design options, budget and timeline.

Design Service

Our home design center features experienced professional designers to help you create rooms with high functionality and beauty in mind. We take great pride in offering practical, timeless designs that allow you to make the most of those frequently used rooms in your home. Visit our Design Service page for more information.

Remodeling Services

Our elaborate showroom showcases beautiful current kitchen and bath displays, high-end quality cabinetry, tiling, hardwood flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixtures. Everything you need to create a unique beautiful and functional kitchen and bath.

We have in-house specialists in every area of remodeling, from designers, contractors, builders, fabricators, installers, plumbers, electricians, painters, to project managers. Visit our Remodeling page for more information.

Stone and Tile Installation

Our specialty is in stone and tile installation. With ten of our most talented and professional stone and tile setter experts on staff, we’re sure to wow you with our quality of craftsmanship in every job we do. We also take pride in our unique selection of top quality kitchen and bath tiles from around the world. Visit our Tile Installation page for more information.

Stone Fabrication

At New Century, we’ve been industry leaders in unique exquisite stone fabrication in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We cater to the most prestigious home builders in the nation and to all eminent home designers and architects, and prominent contractors and homeowners. Visit our Stone Fabrication page for more information.

Stone Maintenance

All natural stone material used for home remodeling or as decorative surfaces, are porous to some degree leaving them easily stained. That’s why applying an impregnating sealer will create a repellent barrier to resist stains and make cleaning up easier. Visit our Stone Maintenance page for more information.

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