How to Plan Your New Bathroom

Your new bathroom planThink of your new bathroom plan as a successful blend of attractive and functional elements. These elements should complement each other and present a consistent decorating theme and successful project fulfillment. (In other words, try not to introduce too much contrast in decorating forms, styles or qualities; one out of place element can diminish the overall look of your finished room.)

We’ll discuss how bathroom designs, products, features, and qualities figure prominently in effective remodeling plans.

Most people favor safe bathroom designs, choosing cost effective, conservative plans that will not go very wrong or go way over budget. Fixtures for such makeovers are generally white and faucets are chrome. Shower spaces are usually made of simple fiberglass. Bathroom sinks may be either self rimming china mounted in Formica or white cultured marble.

What these bathroom designs lack in upscale creativity they make up in economic pragmatism. Other folks with more money to put toward the bathroom of their dreams often engage in full scale decorator makeovers, installing state of the art products from floor to ceiling, from whirlpool tub to heated towel bar.

Designs can include high tech gadgets for fixtures as well as minimal but elegant artistic touches for accessories. Of course, these largely customized items and applications come with greater costs and less chance that the bathroom may be easily updated again anytime soon.

The most common bathroom faucets and fixtures found in new homes are manufactured in huge quantities, several thousand at a time. This allows production efficiencies that dramatically reduce costs, and the factories pass these savings on to their customers.

These types of standard, mass produced products are classified as builder grade for their low prices. In most cases, these are quality products that provide dependable service. They are popular among builders because they are reliable and help to keep construction costs down. Of course higher end products, those that are decidedly not mainstream goods but fashioned in limited quantities for more discretionary buyers, are in favor for more refined and custom bathroom remodeling efforts.

These items are often part of exclusive designer collections that come with better potential and higher prices for truly unique decorator bathrooms. Whatever your taste and your budget, make sure that the group of products you choose are balanced, consistent, and appropriate for the appeal and scale of the design you intend.

Some advanced tech bathroom faucets and fixtures include features not found in lower priced units. Faucets may have unconventional and beautiful designer inspired shapes, spouts, and handles lacking in lesser products that are too expensive to manufacture. Similarly, upscale bathroom sinks may be designed in stylish shapes or colors and include decorative water flow features not found in everyday models.

Whirlpool tubs can come in larger sizes than conventional models, and some offer more elaborate pumping systems and more numerous jets. Higher end shower valves may have multiple heads with adjustable bars or handheld sprays. And, of course, materials and craftsmanship can affect the cost greatly.

When comparing similar items from different manufacturers, make sure that the models are comparable point for point, so you will not be swayed by an outstanding feature or two that can obscure a product’s other inferior qualities (e.g., don’t select a sink simply for its brilliant color and overlook its plumbing design flaws).

Examine some plumbing products closely, and you will notice a number of subtle but key differences in how they are made. For example, finishes vary in type and quality. Finishes of expensive items will be deeper, richer, and more finely polished.

Bathroom faucets may be plated in brass or gold or made of high grade nickel. Even chrome faucets may have a semi translucent character that better holds its luster over time. Unlike many economical models, high end bathroom sinks can reflect special qualities.

Stone sinks suggest unique nature themes for decorating options. Colored glass sinks in artistic shapes and textures offer interesting aesthetic looks over merely functional sinks. Cast iron sinks and tubs can show a deep, rich luster. Acrylic units often include more vibrant colors with no dull spots. Pricier sinks typically embody good design, too, so there are no rough, unfinished edges or seams.

Most companies selling bathroom remodeling products and services offer warranties of varying terms, from one year to a lifetime. But a warranty is only as good as the company offering one. If you have never heard of a brand before you buy it, you may have a hard time finding the company five years later to get them to honor their lifetime warranty.

Stick with major brands and reliable providers over trendy new offerings, whenever possible (though we know it is tough to resist dazzling designs offered by new companies at consumer home shows). And always ask for referrals of satisfied customers before you buy or begin any work.

Maintaining Your Bathroom Remodeling Investment
A major new bathroom remodeling job is an investment that directly affects your home property value.

For example, unlike most other purchases, a quality plumbing system should cost almost nothing over time; in fact, it may actually increase in value if the equipment is properly maintained. According to, more than 85 percent of the cost of a bathroom remodeling project adds immediately to the resale value of the home.

In new construction especially, substandard bathrooms can negatively impact home values. Homes in higher priced neighborhoods are expected to include more luxurious bathroom features. Short changing the master bathroom design will surely lower your property value.

Yet the difference between a plain bathroom and a deluxe suite with the amenities expected by upscale buyers could add less than $50 a month to your mortgage payment for a new home construction. Be sure to discuss any plumbing cost allowances with your new home builder to make sure they are adequate for your bathroom installation needs.

If you follow all of these simple guidelines we have outlined above, we are sure your newly remodeled bathroom will truly reflect your sense of good taste and your grasp of good project completion.

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