Tips to Guide You Through Your Holiday Kitchen Remodel

Entertaining family and friends at your home during the holidays can be stressful.You may think you don’t have enough room for everyone and it will be cramped, especially if the weather is bad.  The kitchen is generally the most visited place in the house, for obvious reasons. Here are four kitchen remodel ideas you can consider before the holidays to make the event a little more stress-free.

Add an Island

A kitchen island is convenient year round, but especially during the holidays. It gives you extra space to prepare food, while still interacting with your guests. The extra space also means more people can help you with the preparations! Installing a kitchen island is one of the best custom kitchen remodeling decisions you can make for the holidays and beyond.

Brighten Up the Room

You may not have the best lighting in your kitchen because you don’t need as much for just you and your family. However, with more people in the house, good lighting is important for several reasons.  Not only does it set the mood, but it will also allow you to more easily prepare the food and take care of other details so nothing gets overlooked.

Upgrade Your Sinks

One of the worst things about preparing so much food for the holidays is the number of dirty dishes that accumulate. You could opt for a kitchen remodeling service to install double sinks that are wide and deep. One side can be used for preparing food and the other for the dirty dishes. Once all the festivities are over, washing the dishes will be much easier when you have the added space.

Install a Trash Compactor

Another downfall of having a lot of people at your house is the amount of trash that naturally accumulates. Instead of spending time constantly taking out the trash, invest in a trash compactor instead. This will minimize the number of trips you’ll have to take emptying the trash and maximize the amount of time spent with your guests!

These are just a few kitchen remodel ideas you could incorporate in preparation for the holiday season, but you will also enjoy them throughout the rest of the year!  Contact us today for showroom consultation.

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