Until you embark on a bathroom remodeling project, you may not realize how many options you have for the centerpiece of the room: the bathtub. Your home’s style, ages of the occupants, your personal preferences and your budget will determine the ideal tub.

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Tub Talk

If you love your tub, you’ve got options! Bathtubs are available in myriad shapes, depths, lengths and widths. Will more than one person bathe at once? Do you want a soaking tub or a whirlpool tub with bubbles and jets?

Before you choose one for your bath home improvement, consider the size of the people who’ll use it. It’s important to choose a tub large enough to comfortably accommodate the user or users, but not so large you’ll waste water or square footage. Tubs can be made of:

  • Porcelain
  • Fiberglass
  • Cast iron
  • Glass
  • Copper
  • Acrylic
  • Granite
  • Marble

Tubs don’t have to be white, either. Many come in standard colors like beige and bone, and some tubs can be resurfaced in virtually any hue ranging from cherry red to pale yellow.

What’s Your Bathroom Vision?

If you want to draw attention to your bathtub and make it a focal point, a freestanding or recessed tub surrounded by a platform and graceful steps leading to the inviting and serene waters will make your bathtub a luxurious centerpiece.

On the other hand, if the main use for your bathtub will be bathing toddlers, a simple tub nestled in the corner may work best for your space. If you or your spouse has limited mobility, walk-in bathtubs provide an added measure of safety. Instead of stepping into a tub that may be 18 or more inches high, most walk-in tub threshold heights range from 2 to 6 inches.

Every home doesn’t have to include a tub. If you rarely or never take baths, going tub-free will free up space for a luxurious shower.

If all these options make you crave a long soak in a warm tub, contact us at Contact New Century Marble & Granite. Our Bay area bathroom remodeling specialists are here to help you select the perfect tub.

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